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Act your Age.

Have you been glued to the BBC's "How to Stay Young" series? In short, members of the public are subjected to an embarrassingly public selection of tests before being told they're the equivalent of 150 and shouldn't even be able to stand up. Of course, we then get to see the miraculous transformation as they knock decades off their biological age, hankies at the ready everyone!

I bet you want to know what age you'd be without all the background docu-drama and unsolicited public nudity (why did Angela Ripon keep showing these poor people in their swim cossies?).

A client sent me a link for a similar test which started me on an investigation for nosiness/comparison purposes. Here are 4 biological age tests you can do online today to find out your body's age in comparison to your date of birth. I'm 43 and thankfully I came out younger in all of them but the range was pretty big. I've added the age they gave me alongside and I'd love to know what "your age" is. - I was 38! Bloomin' cheek!! This was the longest by far so make a cuppie first.

Why not find out your biological age today? Post it on the facebook page.

Enjoy Good Health!

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