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Start With Why

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it." Simon Sinek (bestselling author of "Start with Why").

Soon we'll have reached the halfway point of the year which means you're almost as far away from a New Year's Resolution as you can get.

It couldn't be a better time to take stock of 2017 and make sure you're on track. I've been looking around at all the fitness adverts telling you to get in shape for summer and my response to that is a resounding B*GG*R THAT!

All my Personal Training Clients know my feelings about short term (aww, baby steps) as opposed to long term goals (now we're talking). They've heard the refrains "lifelong maintenance plan", "define your expectations" and "manageable outcomes" in their sleep and understand the importance of the long game.

We work on building positive change into their lives so they become self starting healthier people. This means they learn to take responsibility for their health rather than booking multiple sessions with a short termist "transformational" trainer. This gives clients more flexibility with their exercise time AND makes for better value for money while leading to a fulfilling outcome. They are inspired by what they truly want to achieve rather than manipulated by a flash promotion.

In the past I've found that it can take several sessions to build the rapport that allows for this honesty. My desire was to short cut this so that clients could arrive with their goals already clear in their minds. This saves more time and money for clients but also means they come to me ready and focused to do their best work. Which allows me to do my best work, too.

So what's the catch? IT'S REALLY TOUGH! Not for me, you understand... but I expect my clients to be completely honest about what they want and what they're prepared to give for it. I'm so adamant that we have clarity from the outset that I've put together a free 3 week email based course. You can sign up here and every 3 days you'll receive an email to help you "Find Your Why". Take your time to work through the course and after 3 weeks you'll understand exactly what you want to achieve and why it's important to you. You can take this information to any personal trainer but of course I hope you'll come to me.

With class prices starting from £5 I'm sure I have something to help everyone Enjoy Good Health.

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