Why I became a Fitness Professional


As a child I was a true  bookworm. You could take me anywhere as long as I had a stack of books to keep me company. I wasn't sporty or competitive at school and at University I got all my exercise from dancing. I'm not your usual Personal Trainer.

After I had my children I experienced severe and enduring back pain. I was unable to work and at constant risk of nerve pain from bulging vertebral discs. I discovered that the only way I could manage my pain was through exercise so when it came to finding a new career there wasn't any choice, I had to keep my body mobile. Retraining as a Personal Trainer was as much about helping myself as anyone else.  After 14 years of managing my back, a disc eventually gave way completely which made surgery a viable option for me. This has removed much of my pain for which I feel daily gratitude. 


On the occasional weeks where I change my routine I realise that exercise is still key to managing my back and, while I can now live mostly pain free, it still comes at the cost of daily exercise. It makes me wonder if I would actually exercise if I didn't have to. Do I like it or do I hate pain?*

This is why I have a unique insight into what kick starts exercise routines and why they so often don't work. I'm not a natural exerciser and, although I love what I do, I understand the barriers that prevent others from taking the leap into fitness as a form of long term preventative medicine. I'm grateful every day that I took the time to study physical activity, the effect it has on wellness and on my personal pain management. I love helping other people discover the same.


My clients very much reflect my journey. Many are considering how their body has fared through work, life and family obligations. They're now looking to the future and making the decision that they can take the time to focus on their health.

*I think the answer is that my exercise habits are now hard wired over 20 years. Ageing never comes alone and the original back pain has been superseded by many other age related niggles, all of which can be ameliorated by activity. The truth is that my life is easier when my body is fit and your life will be easier, too.

How to Make Change Stick,

Discover the Secret to Enjoying Great Health


For many years now I have written a regular blog for people who know they need to make changes to their health but don't know where to begin. It's for people who feel as if they've failed too often in the past, people who are frightened of the health implications of their lifestyle, people who have been told by medical professionals that they must make change and people who are tackling change for the first time and want to understand where to prioritise their time and effort. Head over to the blog to find out more. I'm currently working on the second draft of a self help workbook which will distill this message in to an easy to follow method so more people can Enjoy Good Health.



Level 2 Exercise to Music

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Pilates Mat Instructor

Level 3 Exercise Adaptations for Older Adults

Level 4 Postural Stability Instructor

Level 4  Exercise for prevention of Lower Back Pain Instructor

Level 5 Neuro Linguistic Programming

​Community Work


I am a Trustee of the Strathmore Community Hub, a charity based in Coupar Angus to reduce social isolation and increase well being in the local community. Our aim is to provide a safe and usable space for groups of all ages and interests to meet for the benefit of the surrounding area. 

I'm also a Business Mentor for Growbiz, a charity supporting rural enterprise. I find that the skills I've developed through Personal Training are easily transferred to the small business environment and am inspired by working with mentees.