Why I became a Fitness Professional


After having my first child I suffered from chronic back pain. I was told that the only way to avoid a life of constant back "incidents" was to become as strong as I could. Since then I have truly learned the effect that exercise can have on injury control.


I'm grateful every day that I took the time to study physical activity, the effect it has on wellness and on my personal pain management. I love helping other people discover the same.



Level 2 Exercise to Music

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Pilates Mat Instructor

Level 4 Postural Stability Instructor

Level 4  Exercise for prevention of Lower Back Pain Instructor

Level 5 Neuro Linguistic Programming

​Public Sector Collaboration


2008 - Assisted in the set up of the medical referral for exercise programme with the local authority health centre.

2010 - Delivered weight loss classes with the NHS

2011 - Worked with the NHS to deliver Falls prevention exercise classes for the older public.

Dementia and Activity


In 2016 I worked with a local charity, the Memory Box Network, to gain insight into how different exercise methods increase engagement with people who have dementia. Much is known about the effect of exercise in delaying the onset of dementia but very little is known about the results of continued exercise for people after the onset of symptoms. I have since developed a movement and music program to improve the health and happiness of people living with dementia. This is now taught in care homes and day care centres. See the box below for more information.

Movement and Music


Movement and Music is a training resource aimed at Care Home Staff to enhance engagement and activity with their residents who are living with dementia. It uses a combination of reminiscence, proven mobilising movements, marching and singing to help people increase their social interaction and daily movement. Residents enjoy a relaxed, fun and safe mobility session with plenty of opportunity to sing and chat to friends. It is the only Scottish CPD accredited course (7 CPD points) to achieve the majority of movement and activity recommended by dementia charities and the NHS.


For more information about how you can train as a Movement and Music coach, visit www.movementandmusic.co.uk

Current Projects

How to Make Change Stick,

Discover the Secret to Enjoying Great Health


I'm currently writing a self help book for people who know they need to make changes to their health but don't know where to begin. It's for people who feel as if they've failed too often in the past, people who are frightened of the health implications of their lifestyle, people who have been told by medical professionals that they must make change and people who are tackling change for the first time and want to understand where to prioritise their time and effort.

You can read excerpts throughout the year through the blog so to start your journey early, sign up to the newsletter here.

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