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Exercise Therapy

Strength, Stability and Mobility 

are the three requirements to keep you active

Strength your capacity for exertion or endurance

Stability your ability to remain steady against external forces

Mobility the free and easy movement of your skeleton

If you want to keep doing the activities you love, sometimes you have to self-correct.

Exercise Therapy 


Exercise Therapy sessions are designed to help you work on a singular area.


£200 - a package of 1 x 1-hour analysis plus 5 x 30-minute therapy sessions over 6 weeks.


Many of us feel we've got our basic exercise regime covered and we just want to take charge of a niggle area that's slowing us down. Are you living with any diagnosed pain points which you think might be improved with the right exercises? I'm thinking postural issues which are remedied with occasional Chiropractor and Physiotherapy visits but which you're sure could be managed if you just knew how to move better, or joint pain that you know will eventually lead to surgery but you want to hold at bay for as long as possible.


Is there a condition that prevents you from taking part in fun and healthy activities that used to come easy? Maybe you’re awaiting knee replacement surgery, feel your posture changing, compensating for a shoulder impingement, struggling to balance or suffering from lower back pain.


Many health or age-related changes to your posture, joints and pain levels can be addressed with Exercise Therapy and to ensure you’re fully incentivised this program will link directly to your personal health goals.


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What to Expect

During Exercise Therapy sessions we’ll follow a clear pathway:

  • We’ll measure your pain/comfort levels; your strength and your body’s range of movement

  • We’ll release any overly tight muscles

  • We’ll stretch any imbalanced and tight muscles

  • We’ll stabilise and retrain movement patterns to reduce the likelihood of pain

  • We’ll build strength to prevent future relapse


By keeping the sessions shorter and completely focused on one area, I'll design a daily program that's concise, effective and achievable. Through the in-depth initial assessment, we'll prioritise those activities outside of our programming that are important to you.

You will be expected to complete a daily exercise program in between your weekly sessions. On completion of the Exercise Therapy package you may choose to address other areas of concern, widen your scope to more general Personal Training or progress your fitness with weekly Pilates classes and/or your own activity journey.

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