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Lifestyle Change

Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle

are the three essentials for a long and healthy life.

Exercise any activity that gets you out of the armchair

Nutrition every meal choice you make

Lifestyle however you choose to spend your free time

Balancing these three areas will reduce your dependence on medication or medical intervention while increasing your quality of living.

One to One Lifestyle Change 


ensures that the three platforms of Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle are balanced in a way so that YOU can progress your goals.


Every program is written with your needs and preferences in mind and WITH A CLEAR PATHWAY TO PRE-DETERMINED OUTCOMES.

£330 - A package of 6 x 1-hour sessions over 6 weeks

To achieve this you'll commit to: 

One to One Training as a package rather than a singular event. Your Personal Training package will create changes in your life that you can continue to practise long-term.


This will show you how to manage relapses (such as through holidays or illness) and prioritise those three vital areas of health while balancing your other work and family responsibilities.

To make this happen I'll need:

  • Commitment from you

  • Honesty from you

  • Time with you


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to make a start with One to One Lifestyle Change

What to Expect

The first session is a full lifestyle and fitness analysis, from which we will agree on clear goals and commence our programming. Your Personal Training program may include online courses to work through, exercise programs and videos to follow or classes to attend.

On a weekly basis we’ll discuss your overall attitude to your program, ensuring it fits with your lifestyle to allow you to easily maintain it. We’ll check your exercise technique is safe and effective; we’ll modify and progress your activities where appropriate, and we’ll look ahead to potential trigger situations to prevent relapse.

On completion you may choose to attend maintenance one-to-one Personal Training sessions with me (£55/hour), join a maintenance weekly Pilates class or continue your health journey yourself, using all the skills you’ve learned.

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