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Do Your Own Thing!

Just imagine an exercise class where every move is perfect for you. Where you know that your technique is always sound and your ability always challenged. Where your weekly exercise goals are monitored and adjusted. Where your personal trainer motivates you to make the time for your fitness and health.

At Small Group Personal Training we build individual programmes around the clients. It's every Wednesday at 11am and 12pm, in the Blairgowrie Physiotherapy Studio, 1 High Street, Blairgowrie.

What's different about this class and how can it be truly built around you and what you need?

We start with a one-to-one session. You'll tell me why you got in touch and we'll work out what to do and how to do it. You'll then complete a block of further sessions within the group. I'll be there to make sure you're doing it right and offer suggestions and progressions. We'll also make sure you're backing it up in between sessions with good quality appropriate exercise.

How do you do that, then?

Together we'll develop your perfect programme. You'll learn how to adapt and personalise exercises to suit you. You'll come away with the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals. We'll take into account the time and availability you have to exercise so it finally fits in with your lifestyle.

And you don't have to keep coming forever. A 7 week commitment will change your attitude to exercise so you're ready to take on your own challenges.

Why not just do 1:1 Personal Training?

1:1 Training is great when you have the cash but weekly sessions at £50 can add up. With this class, the combination of client specific programming plus group environment drives the cost of your training down to little more than the average exercise class.

Don't I already get that from my normal group exercise class?

If you've ever wondered if that squat is bad for your knee or if this class will help train you for your cycling weekend then you've already understood the need for this class. Why hope it'll do when you can be sure you're working towards the best outcome?

So how have people benefited?

We've returned golfers to the course after injury, helped etape cyclists on their way, got bowlers bowling and marathoners up and running. We've helped sunseekers prep for summer, desk workers straighten up and gardeners hoe. We've relieved artists from RSI and readied skiers for the snow. Any circumstance where movement is your goal can be assisted by this individualised class.

The full package is £50 for the fitness analysis plus £10 per session with around 5-7 sessions in an average block.

It's a great opportunity to slip straight in to a personalised programme at a tiny price tag. Email me today to arrange your initial consultation.

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