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What do you think of when you imagine a Personal Trainer with a client?

In the films there's usually a thicko muscle bound trainer standing over a sweating heap of clients on the floor. Maybe you regularly attend a gym and see clients working with their Trainers. It probably looks like more of a two way street, hopefully with good communication and attention to detail in the techniques and exercises.

Have you tried 1:1 training yourself? What did you expect? How did it play out?

My first session with a client is mostly verbal. I'm trying to tease out their real reason for meeting me. I'm also interested in knowing more about their personality, their fitness successes and failures, their work lives, hobbies, free time, close friends and family; anything which will impact on their success.

It's also an opportunity for them to get their health house in order before embarking on changes. We'll discuss goals, events, planning and journaling needs, clothing, gym access or equipment which will be required to make the changes they want.

Next we'll look at physical impediments. We'll finally get to the body itself. Blood pressure, weights, measures, posture check, muscle length and potential imbalance of muscles. We'll add fitness testing where it's appropriate.

Finally, we'll teach some moves. Not more than 5. Practically no sweating at all.

So we don't do much in our first session. Not physically.

I'm confident I could safely work you to the floor inside 10 minutes, no problem. Plenty of my clients can attest to this! If high intensity exercise becomes part of our plan together then you'll get to experience that kind of work. But it's only a tiny part of how we make change happen for you.

Taking the time to plan correctly has major benefits for me and my clients. I know their abilities and problem areas so I can push them harder sooner. I can anticipate when they're going to need that little extra help and intervene with a well timed text in between sessions. I can preempt the moment when we have to deal with a failure and ensure we get straight back on track. I can build a programme that will definitely test them but they will definitely manage, definitely enjoy and definitely continue. Long Term. That's more rewarding for us both.

Our initial 1:1 session takes about an hour and costs £40. If you need a physical overhaul, let me know.

Next week, accountability for your health.

Enjoy Good Health!

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