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Your Greatest Successes

I've been working in the fitness industry for almost 12 years now. I can't believe it's been this long, as with all good things in life it's just passed in a flash.

There have been many great transformations with clients in this time and, funnily enough, I still regularly see clients who I met within my first two years. I love helping them maintain their dedication to their health.

The biggest physical changes that I see are usually with one to one clients but a close second is with the Small Group Personal Training class in Blairgowrie on Wednesday mornings.

I think it's because many of the people who come to the Small Group Personal Training class have specific rehabilitation or fitness goals to meet. They are definitely the group most committed to change and usually the ones with the most to lose from not taking action.

Sometimes these group members will be working through pain and this can be worrisome, especially when niggling aches have led to much greater problems in the past.

What I see, when nobody else does, is that many people who start in Small Group Personal Training will then join other group classes for long term maintenance. I think a lot of my classes may now be made up from people who have originally asked for help to deal with a specific injury or issue. I feel fortunate to have had a little one to one time with many of my class members. It certainly makes the teaching easier and more effective.

It's especially gratifying to see the progression of their fitness from their initial (perceived) inability to advancement beyond that which they had expected. (As with the current Pilates block members attempting the single leg cossack twist!)

The Small Group Personal Training always starts with a one to one session and there will be a single space available in this class in November. Read this article to find out more and if you would like to grab it please get in touch. We'll book you straight in for your initial one-to-one.

However you choose to do it - Enjoy Good Health!

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