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Move of the Month - Double Leg Kick

Work your full back with the Double Leg Kick

This move is a great combination of co-ordination and breath control. There are technically four separate joint actions in each repetition so you'll find that your brain is being tested as much as your body. Within this move you'll open through the chest and hips, contracting through the back line of the spine and finally extending through the thighs to complete the full extension of the Rectus Femoris muscles which span both our hip and knee joints. CLICK HERE to learn more about this muscle alongside the rest of the Quadricep group.

In less than 6 minutes you'll cover:

  • Single Leg Kicks to stabilise the pelvis

  • Partial Sky Diver to stretch through the hips, thighs and chest

  • Back Extensions to fire up the lower back muscles

  • The full Double Leg Kick to challenge your breath, strength and co-ordination

There's so much to achieve in each repetition that you'll find you need a lovely, slow breath to make time for it all. What a way to practise our Pilates breathing!


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