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Are You Ready?

A few weeks ago I asked you to disrupt the status quo in your household. I asked you to stand tall and say out loud the change that you wanted to make. Did you do it?

This week I really want to know the fall out. What response did you receive? Is your home now a nurturing environment for quality change? (Wouldn't that be nice?)

Usually when we want to shake things up there can be a bit of pushback or negativity. "Do you think that's wise", "Do you know enough about that to do it safely?", "Are you ready?" or "Is this the best time" are all common responses from people who don't feel like supporting you.

This week I want you to chat with your loved ones about what you want to achieve and how you're going to do it. Demonstrate to them that you have a plan, that you understand the task ahead and that your timescale for success is manageable.

To do that, you had better have a plan in place! Start small and plan well. Let your success be measured and celebrated by your loved ones before taking on larger goals. Epitomize the change you want to see.

And tell us all about it at the Making Change Stick Facebook group!

Enjoy Good Health!

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