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Be The Change You Want To See

This week's message is all about how to make a life change even when you have other people to consider.

Picture the couple who party all weekend. Suddenly, one half of the couple decides they want to drink less. What effect does that have on their relationship? In this previous article, we looked a little closer at the problems that can arise form this change to the status quo.

So what do you do if you want to make a change but there is rebellion within your household? How do you all get what you want?

Your mission this week is to be the change you want to see. Rather than seeing this potential discord as a barrier to making a health change, charge on ahead and accept the consequences.

You might be told that you'll never manage (doesn't matter - you're still one step forward than you were last week) or that you can't expect others to join you (you're not) or that it's just another fad (yeah, a fitness fad that will change your life!). Or you might receive some unexpected support. It might open up a conversation about why this is important to you. You may discover more about your loved ones and what they want to achieve.

So this week I want you to force the issue, make a start, stand up tall and say out loud the change you want to make. Then become that change.

Feel like sharing? Join the Making Change Stick Facebook group today and tell us more.

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