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What Makes Change Stick?

Today's exercise is going to be about mastering those bad habits that get us into trouble. I used to buy a chocolate bar whenever I filled up the car with petrol and eat it as soon as I drove off. It didn't taste good because my hands always smelled a little of petrol. It didn't seem to matter what time of day it was or whether I was hungry but as soon as I started filling the car I'd get that same excitement about that special treat. I finally managed to kick the habit by buying a scratchcard instead for a few months until I no longer thought about the chocolate.

That's your job for today. Think of a simple daily habit and break it. It doesn't have to be health related, you could switch up your morning routine or your wardrobe. Just do one thing differently this week.

Share your disruption with us by using the hashtag #makingchangestick or by joining the Making Change Stick facebook group

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