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Make Change Stick in 2019

Is this the year you're really going to take action? Are you making those changes? Expanding the horizons? Fulfilling the dreams? Making time for the important things?

This year the blog will be all about small ways you can take action. Nothing overwhelming or unachievable. Each week there'll be a short task. I'll give you the information and insight you need to complete each one and together we'll change your life for the better. Our focus is on health but these tools will improve your work and relationships as well by helping you understand what's really important and how to prioritise it.

You'll stop avoiding the tough jobs and you'll learn to prevent problems rather than constantly fire fight. You'll have time for the important things and let go of the drains on your time and energy. Sound good?

Today's task is simple. Think of one single benefit that you would gain from changing something - ANYTHING - in your life. Don't focus on the change you'd have to make. Just the benefit. Just the way that life would become easier. Just the result. Not the timescale or the difficulty or the cost. Just the outcome.

If you want to share it then open up on twitter by adding the hashtag #makingchangestick or head over to our new Facebook group and tell us your benefit today.

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