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Don't miss out...

...on exercise just because I'm on holiday.

That's right, this week I'm languishing, loafing, lazing and loving every second but there's no reason why you should be getting off so lightly.

Why not check out what's new on my website? You'll find everything from golf flexibility to ski training tips or 7 minute frantic fixes to Peaceful Pilates programs. You can sign up to the Find Your Why 3 week online course to prepare for your One Big Change or track down some of the blog posts that motivated you in the past. The whole site is designed so you can make a cuppa, settle down and be inspired by simple ways to live a healthier life.

It's all free and there's plenty to keep you busy while I'm away. November is a great time to take stock before the family appears at Christmas so indulge in some self reflection. Congratulate yourself on the positive change you've made to your health this year and appreciate the benefits of caring for yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy Good Holidays!

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