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This week I have been mostly...

...cramming in Fitness Analyses of brand new clients. It's for the Small Group Personal Training class which I've had to extend to manage the increased demand. Previously only available from 11am-12pm on Wednesday mornings, as of this week we'll be at Blairgowrie Physiotherapy between 12-1pm as well.

Doubling up on the hours means I can offer the benefits of tailored training to a few more clients. This class works best for people committed to specific health changes. A good example would be post-physio rehabilitation from surgery or commencing/overhauling an exercise routine.

Like the Pilates classes, it's currently a waiting game to get started with the first available date being 25th October. We must have a fitness analysis before we begin so I can tailor your program effectively and this can be done anytime before your given start date.

If you know you want to pinpoint a particular health focus, book your initial analysis now to get dibs on

the 25th Oct spot. Once we're full there's a 6 week delay before a space is available again so if you're interested let me place you on the contact list. You won't be committed to anything, you'll just be given the opportunity when it arises.

Just click reply to the newsletter to go onto the contact list.

Enjoy Good Health!

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