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Save a Date!

The annual summer holiday can be as big a routine buster as Christmas and without the New Year’s Resolutions to get back on the wagon it’s a tricky time for a lot of us.

I’m usually all about the enjoyment of life but if your health plans have been going well so far this year I want you to be vigilant right about now. I’m not saying no to summer ice creams or adios to sangria, I just want you to consider adding an equivalent August or September date on the calendar to January 1st. Choose a point at which you’ll accept that Pimms is not a fruit portion, swingball is not tennis and you can’t exercise in flip flops (no, you can’t – I don’t care what you say).

Don’t let summer amble into autumn without a kick up the backside or you’ll start making excuses about the nights drawing in, sweater time being around the corner and how 2018 seems a better moment to start again.

Here’s how:

Keep the fun parts of fitness routines going even if you’re not as strict as usual.

If you currently exercise 5 times a week (well done!) then make the time for it even if that exercise takes a different format. Swap your usual gym session or classes for new fun stuff (roller skating / climbing / kayaking anyone?) and use summer as a springboard to new activities.

Have a routine that needs no equipment or that you can do in small spaces like hotel rooms. Looking for inspiration? There are loads of routine ideas on my website. You can choose from Golf Stretches, Dynamic Stretching, Gentle Yoga, Sculpting in 6 moves, 7 minute Fitness and Simple Pilates. Just look for FREE STUFF on the home page and get downloading.

Take advantage of facilities available in holiday destinations or with friends if you’re off visiting people.

Yawn, why bother? If you’re thinking that I’m a huge buzzkill and this is just destroying your summer fun then think of it this way: having confidence that you can get back to the routine healthy lifestyle allows you to truly relax during the best few weeks of summertime rest. You won’t have that guilty niggle that you’re setting yourself up for future failure.

Also, when you’ve successfully navigated this down time you’ll be able to tackle the Christmas holiday routine change with more confidence. So if you find winter a hard time to curtail the poor eating, booze or sweets then you can practise when it’s not yet cold, dull and soggy. It’s much easier to go for an evening walk or choose a salad in August than it is in January.

So look at your calendar and mark a summer resolution date. Think of your healthiest week so far this year and aim to copy it. What did you do or eat that made it a healthy week to be proud of? And truly relish those relaxation moments, languish in the sunkissed pleasure of idleness, good company and delicious meals.

Enjoy Good Health.

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