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Should you stay laser-focused or hedge your bets?

We've had a few posts about goal setting lately and if you've been following the plan you probably have One Big Change to consider right now.

If so, this post isn't for you. You can, however, have some fun visualising your One Big Change with this goal planner. It'll help you turn your goals into simple to follow plans.

Some of us can feel overwhelmed at the thought of One Big Change so this is a quick post about how to hedge your bets instead. Don't worry, this is more dipping the toe in the pool than slowly peeling off the sticking plaster.

You may have noticed it's the start of the charity fun run season just now. Fun runs are a great way to inject a little fitness into your life with no big pressure. By changing the reason for the exercise (to help a friend, support a cause, dress up in a silly outfit) you can downplay the physical side and enjoy a host of other benefits. It's great to do if the weight loss has slowed / your working hours have changed / family responsibilities have increased. You can fundraise if that's your thing or just pay the entrance fee and take part. You can walk, jog, run, do obstacle courses and even get blasted with dye canons (seriously, look at Colour Runs). Many longer races can be completed in relay teams and work well as an office charity event.

By making the physical aspect secondary you'll take the pressure off yourself to complete or achieve a goal. Hopefully, you'll get a wider sense of joy while moving more and becoming fitter. All good stuff!

Spend 5 minutes today scoping out potential events or emailing friends who might take part with you.

Have fun and Enjoy Good Health!

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