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Have you Found Your Why?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were halfway through the year and invited you to check back on your 2017 resolutions. I also suggested an easy way of making long lasting resolutions, ones that are going to lead to meaningful improvements in your life through my free Find Your Why online course. How's it going?

Are you working your way through it assiduously, writing every bon mot down in a specially purchased journal?

Did you start with great intentions and somehow drift off course?

Have you decided that actually now isn't the time to be making change after all, please pass the remote control...?

It's okay, I won't cry if you've trashed them but even if you did skip out there'll be one really important email to read. It's the very last one and it gives you the easiest tip on how to fill your world with life changing fervour. I'm not blabbing my secrets today so you'll have to tune back in to Find Your Why.

Didn't sign up? Do it here now. It's free, there's no catch or sales malarkey, I just want you to value yourself and your health.

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