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Are the Daffodils out yet?

Every February my husband counts down the days until there's light in the sky on his way home from work. It usually arrives just after the snowdrops and before the daffodils.

It's a little sign that the days will get longer and lighter and as we definitely have daffies out then we're springbound. This week's article is a "LEARN" and I want you to use it to get a jump on any health giving changes you can make to your normal routine.

Take 5 minutes to relax and go through your normal week. I mean your waking time, work time, lunchtime, evening meal and family/friend activities. Over the winter you've probably curtailed some regular hobbies or interests because it's been cold, or you've had a cold, or you were too skint in January, or the 6 nations has taken every weekend...

Now think of those little moments where you can shift early into spring and summer mode. Some early gardening or community litterpicking? Cycling to work? Walking at lunchtimes? Perhaps the lighter mornings will tempt you to a pre-work swim'n'gym? There's longer light at weekends, too. No need to rush back for hot chocolate on a Sunday afternoon, we can take a day out exploring.

As the sun gets a little stronger it can raise our Vitamin D levels again. The winter sun in Scotland isn't strong enough to provide us with our Vit D needs so we have to supplement or store it up in small doses all year. In the summer that can be dangerous but early spring is a safe time to start replenishing.

So think through your current weekly routine. Compare it to your most active time last year. Can you fast forward into that routine early this year? Did you have a fitness plan that you didn't quite pull off last year? Start again now. Make the plans, call the friends, enter the competitions, set aside the dates and scout around for any help/equipment/support/sponsorship you'll need to see it through.

Be part of the ever growing sliver of evening light and carve out your time along with it. Make a naturally healthy lifestyle your norm.

Enjoy Good Health!

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