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Valentine's Day Preparation

If you manage to behave all week and turn into the cookie monster whenever you enter a restaurant, a Valentine's Meal is unlikely to lead to a romantic evening.

We’re all prone to temptation but every so often a night out can signal a descent into dessert debauchery. Sometimes we even make it to the main course, “Oh, just sparkling water and the fruit plate to start, thanks.” Or “Grilled chop with green salad for me.” And then a switch flickers and somehow there’s an extra order of triple fried chips, a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, cream sauce and garlic bread on the table. Sometimes it’s not even our fault. Our other half will order any old tat knowing that s/he can nibble at 2 morsels and we’ll swallow the rest. So by the time the dessert menu comes around we’re thinking the evening is past saving and we might as well make it a meal to remember – again.

If you're lucky enough to be invited out for a Valentine's Dinner here’s a checklist to prevent you from overdoing it.

  1. Insist on only 2 courses.

  2. If possible, look at the menu online before you go and decide your meal in advance.

  3. If you know you’re going to end up ordering dessert then have a starter in place of a main course. So many people are now doing this that some restaurants will even have 2 price options for that reason.

  4. Tell your other half exactly what you plan to order at the start. If your resolve is really low it’ll be hard to add to it without admitting you’re a willpower casualty.

  5. Opt for a sharing platter. What could be more romantic?

  6. Don’t be waylaid by your partner's order. S/he should have your back. Anyone who wants you to order the double cheese fried pork bomb because they’ll think it’s hilarious to post a photo of you eating it on instagram is not acting in your interests. Also, you’re better than that.

It sounds tough but remember that Valentine's is for smooching rather than burping. A little restraint may provide positive payback before the night is through.

Enjoy Good Health!

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