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Top Three Newsletters

Last week I took a moment to look over the newsletters that were opened the most. I was hoping it would be the ones where I rambled, made stuff up and talked nonsense but I guess people like facts.

The top three viewed articles from my newsletters this year were very much informational and educational. I thought I'd present them here for a quick recap:

1. Nearly Normal Norman. Find out how relevant comparisons with the NHS guidelines for your weekly activity are. What about the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations for body fat? Or the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) for your cardiovascular strength?

2. High Fat, Low Fat, What Next? Following another set of recommendations for fat/sugar intake, this article looks at the correct ratios you should slap on your plate and discusses the best methods for long term healthy eating.

3. But you're like a physio, right? This newsletter is about the difference between private Fitness and Medical professionals. What do the different therapies do? Who should you see and when? What should you expect to pay?

There's a great stack of informative bon mots in the blog section. Have a skim through some day and if you like what you read please forward it to a friend.

Enjoy Good Health!

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