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I believe the future of my industry is in teaching how to live healthy.

It may go against the traditional image but I believe that rather than gym memberships or "beasting" sessions in a park, intelligent people will be far more inclined to take courses in the development of their own healthy lifestyle. Educated clients realise the importance of good health and understand that this is different from blindly following WHO guidelines or copying the buff guy in the weights room at the gym. In addition, they recognise that each body and life is different and they will have the resources to seek their best solution.

This method change will be driven by information online. As trainers, we no longer expect our clients to arrive ignorant of how to get fit. They've done their research and they often know already where their pain or sticking point lies. They're asking us for assistance in moving past it so they can continue on life's journey. I think we'll see this shift in training over the next decade. Where previously the stereotypical image of a PT session may have been the red faced inadequate sapling valiantly attempting the final burpee, in future we'll start with the mind set. Personal trainers will be far more likely to work with people in a small group or personal basis to make lifestyle changes and commitments to their health. This will allow us to tailor our output to clients. The greater majority of the "physical labour" will be achieved outside of our time with the clients by use of internet supported information. Classes will become blended social activities like "clubbercise" or more cerebral fitness activities such as Pilates and Yoga. Competition driven clients will be encouraged to use their personal drive to win as an enabler for their fitness and health where previously it was the reason they sought the trainer's advice.

I also envisage far more corporate work for myself as businesses realise the well-being benefits of offering health and fitness training to their staff. Online courses with seasonal workshops will make this affordable and tax deductible. Healthy staff take less sick time and are more productive. In a world where people will be increasingly rewarded for their achievements over their working hours, good health becomes a competitive advantage. I'm energised by this because my fascination has always been in those psychological and emotional drivers to good health. Anyone can be forced to make physical movements that would render them fitter. The magic is in making them want to do it. Long term.

Where do you see the future of your fitness? How will you approach a fitter tomorrow?

Enjoy Good Health!

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