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Muscle of the Month - The Fashion Issue!

Rectus Abdominis

The Six Pack Muscle What are they? They're probably the most well known muscle group of all! Where are they? These muscles run from the pelvis are up towards the bottom few ribs. They're the closest of the abdominal muscles to the skin which means they're more readily visible, especially in people who have little body fat.

What do they do? They don't do much, really. The main function is trunk flexion - literally just creating a sit up move. They also assist the internal and external obliques with the whole peeing, pooping, singing stuff - anytime you're forcing the tummy in tight.

How do I activate them? Lay on your back, support your head, crunch your lower back to the floor as you raise your shoulders off the floor. That's them!

Why do we need them? They oppose the muscles running along the line of your lower back and these together can help us tilt the pelvis. The Rectus Abdominis will create posterior tilt, where the pelvis is drawn forwards and upwards and the lower back appears rounded while the Erector Spinae at the back will create anterior tilt where the bottom appears to stick out behind us. This helps us control our hip position as visible from the side.


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