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Group Classes - come exercise with me!

One of the best ways we can stay motivated to keep fit is by working out with a friend. This doesn't have to be complicated, just walking with a buddy can be enough to get us out and about. Group exercise classes are another great way to workout with friends. I run 11 public group exercises classes every week ranging from aerobics to rehabilitation with A LOT of Pilates mixed in. To get the skinny on my classes, you can check out the calendar page on my website. Each class comes with a description and cost. Here's a quick breakdown.

Anyone can come along to the Bridge of Cally classes, they're suitable for all ages and abilities and the first session is free. Aerobics is an action packed hour filled with fun dance and toning moves designed to work your body and your brain. Circuits uses varied exercise equipment to ensure great technique and good quality cardio and toning exercises. These classes have been running for 9 years and also have a stretch hour on Mondays at 9.30am with Paula Jenkins from Glenshee Wellness. Their secret power is the welcoming nature of the groups, supporting one another both in and outside the classes.

The Group Personal Training Class and all of the Pilates classes are fully booked at the moment. This makes for great fun sessions but it means the only way you can try Pilates with me right now is to tune into my Facebook page for the free slots which are advertised every Sunday evening. Here's this week's availability...

These spaces are available because I ask my class members to book in for 6 week blocks. If they can't make one of their sessions they tell me and I offer it for free to anyone who would be safe to come to class. This makes it a great way to try out Pilates without having to commit. If you'd like to try a class, please get in touch.

Why are the Pilates classes more expensive than the aerobics or circuit classes? Pilates is very hands on and you can expect an instructor to physically correct your position or specifically provide a verbal guide for many people during each move. As a result, classes are usually limited to 12 people to ensure that the instructor can assist each participant. In an aerobics or circuit class we could accept as many people as the hall will hold so the pricing takes this limited capacity into account.

Why do Pilates classes always run in blocks? During the course of one block participants may receive progressive teaching help to improve their technique. Pilates instructors relish this part of their job and appreciate the opportunity to advance their classes but it needs commitment and dedication on the part of the class goers, too. That's why we prefer block bookings.

Have you thought about joining an exercise group? Here are some hints and tips.

Try contacting the instructor first to find out what to expect. You could ask some friends for recommendations or have a look on Facebook to see what's available in your area.

Make sure you tell your instructor about any injuries you may have had. We love adapting exercises for participants and it's easier and more effective if we can plan in advance.

If you're driving, ask about parking in advance. In some cases, nearby parking may be reserved for wheelchair users or less mobile participants.

Wear clothing that doesn't ride up. If it's too baggy you may reveal more than you intended.

Arrive a few minutes early for your first class.

Well, what are you waiting for? I'll see you in class!

Enjoy Good Health.

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