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Mid Year Round Up

We're almost halfway through the year already! It seems no time since we were rolling back in the door after Christmas, all full of resolutions and turkey.

I hope your year is panning out how you expected. I've been as busy as ever so I thought I'd take a moment to let you know all the things we've been doing and what else is to come for the rest of 2019.

The Making Change Stick Facebook group has been growing in numbers. Every week I suggest new tasks you can try to help you keep on making the healthy choices you know you deserve. The aim is to see which ones are the most successful and add them to my book. Why not join and see which little hints and tricks help you?

Part of 'Making Change Stick' is having clarity around your goals. With this in mind, I was invited to host a goal setting workshop for GrowBiz as part of their health and wellbeing month back in January. We delivered a great online learning session where we used the free 3 week online Find Your Why course to help participants drill down into their health and business goals for 2019. The Growbiz Find Your Why program is still open if you're looking for some mid year encouragement for your business. If your focus is health, why not sign up to the regular Find Your Why? This program helps you work out the details you need to smoothly move from A to B. Some of it requires a little note taking and if that's up your street then look out for the journal which is out and about in classes this summer.

Yes, the journal has been dusted off and recommenced its rounds. This is a book for clients to take home and write their thoughts in. Some people write about what inspires them to keep pushing their fitness, others use it as a food journal or a depository for (and public admission of) their goals. In it you'll be able to read about the journey that we all take towards better health, seen through the eyes of some of the 130+ people I see each week. Keep your eyes peeled, it'll be in your class soon.

And on to the classes; our Pilates sessions are as busy and fun as ever. The intermediate class is now providing an exciting challenge as I dream up ever more ways to stretch their ability. The beginners class we began last year is far beyond beginners level and wonderfully still has a majority of the original members. I love that these classes become friendly and supportive groups. This is most obvious when class members fight serious health battles and we finally get them back in class. I know the heroes return we give you isn't worth the struggle you've endured but to all of you who are undergoing major surgery or fighting cancer this year; we think of you each time your mat is empty.

This year we've also tried a few new class options. We delivered two workshops for Lower Back Pain prevention and a beginners Pilates taster session which gave new people the chance to experience the group environment without having to commit to a block. This last one was important to me because I wanted to offer a cost effective way for people to experience a Pilates induction and prepare them to safely and effectively enter an established class. Accessibility is high on my priority list so the progressions that my training company, Movement and Music, has made this year is tremendously exciting.

Thanks to the Care and Wellbeing Co-operative and the Community Investment Fund, we received funding to deliver Movement and Music training to 10 learners in the Perthshire area. Movement and Music is a training course which teaches participants how to increase activity and social engagement in those living with dementia. All the learners on this course currently work regularly in a care environment with older adults. We're still completing the training as I write this and I can't wait to see the new groups and classes that will spring up as these new Movement and Music Leaders begin their journey. I'll be continuing to support them throughout the year to ensure we increase activity capacity throughout Perthshire.

Over the summer I'll be embarking on a remote training qualification in adaptations to exercise for older adults. My hope is that this training will refresh much older training (well, I have been around for YEARS and I'm bound to have forgotten LOADS) and consolidate some of the informal learning I have completed over the last decade and a half since I launched Susie Black Fitness. I may need a case study for this so please volunteer if you're feeling a bit crumbly..., it's been a busy year so far! How did you get on with your goals? Share them with us all at the Making Change Stick Facebook group.

Enjoy the rest of 2019 and, most of all, Enjoy Good Health!

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