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Lower Back Pain Month!

This March it's Lower Back Pain month on Making Change Stick.

On the Facebook group over the next few weeks I'll be giving you lots of advice on how you can remedy your lower back pain. Throughout March I want us to remember that there are always things that we can do to take charge of our bodies. Any achievements such as improvements in stamina, mood or pain relief help us remain positive about chronic pain situations.

We'll look at simple stretches that you can do at home, exercises which will strengthen key areas that can relate to lower back pain and we'll look at the importance of more mindful aspects of pain management such as journalling and guided meditation to help monitor and relax us in those difficult times. Later this month I'll tell you about a new opportunity you'll have to better manage your back pain in the future.

As many regular readers will know I have suffered with back pain on and off for many years. Much of my fitness training has been designed to help relieve my back pain and also help other people lead lives with a positive attitude to managing their pain. As a result of my studies and experience I have already helped many people reduce pain, better manage pain and feel more positive about their circumstances. In particular, I have helped people to understand what we should and shouldn't do during flare ups and how this knowledge can change how we approach these common but frustrating events.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from tuning in to lower back month please send them this email and ask them to join the Making Change Stick Facebook group.

Enjoy Good Health

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