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Where are your health buddies when you need them?

When you decide to make a change to your lifestyle you have already achieved something momentous. If the first search for better health leaves you overwhelmed and confused you may feel beaten before you begin. So how do we find reliable health information and who will keep supporting us through our efforts?

Hopefully you'll have read over the free ebook "The 5 big health tests you should know about" and will have a good starting point. How do you expand on your knowledge without putting yourself off with inappropriate or dangerous information online and create the network you'll need to keep going?

Your exercise today is to find your tribe. The Facebook groups, Fitness App buddies, Instagram followers, YouTubers and Pinterest pages that reflect your current position and hopes for the future. You can join us on Facebook at Making Change Stick for a start! You're looking for positive groups with no sales agenda and lively discussions about both successes and failures. Look for people who enjoy imparting information and have supportive threads on their feeds. Fill your social media with new friends who can help remind you about your goal.

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