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Why bother changing? Is it ever worth the effort?

Last week I asked you to think of one single benefit you would receive from making a change in your life. What I wanted was for you to feel excitement at the possibility of an improvement in your life. I wanted you to think of the end result without having to consider the effort or perceived willlpower involved. (I'm not a fan of willpower, find out why here.)

This week I'm expecting a bit more from you.

I want you to think of all the advantages accrued from making this change. Not just the big, obvious one but all the trickledown happy moments. Here's an example: if you need to lose 2 stone to help manage your blood pressure then take some time to think of all the other great stuff that you'll get alongside. Your clothes will fit better, you'll get less out of breath, you'll find it easier to to walk/garden/shop/play with kids/exercise, you may sleep better, you'll feel a sense of achievement, you may find that your digestive system is more comfortable if you're eating more healthily (less constipation/bloating/discomfort), you may receive some compliments, you'll have more energy.*

Now I want you to list these extras in the order you expect them to arrive. For 2 stone weight loss over 2-3 months it would probably look something like this:

Week 1: Better digestion

Week 2: More energy from better eating

Week 3: Clothes becoming a little looser

Week 4: Feeling a sense of achievement

Week 5: People are starting to notice and compliment you

Week 6: Better sleep

Week 7: Starting to get out walking or exercising more because it's easier

Week 8: Shopping for new clothes

Week 9: Managing your blood pressure like a boss.

Okay, so this week I want you to write your list, including as many trickledown benefits alongside a realistic timescale. You can share it with us all by using the hashtag #makingchangestick or by joining our Making Change Stick facebook group

Enjoy Good Health!

*seriously, decide how much weight you should shift and carry the equivalent on your back all day as an experiment. You'll soon realise how much more energy you'll have from losing it.

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