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Fitness Trends That Will Be Hot in 2018

Whether you’re looking to update your fitness routine or you’re in need of some inspiration to finally kick the holiday weight, 2018 is loaded with great exercise ideas! Let’s take a look at how you can improve your current regime and make the most of the upcoming months to reach your fitness goals.

Focus on functional

Gone are the days of spending three hours or beyond at the gym, with results becoming apparent only after months of dedication. With the tempo of modern life still increasing, it’s no wonder we have the need to keep our workout routines shorter, but more efficient than ever before.

To that end, more group and individual programs alike in 2018 will focus heavily on implementing movements and combos that translate into your everyday life and help you target specific health and mobility issues. Suffering from stiff hips from your sedentary job? Squats and resistant band stretches come to your rescue!

HIIT still rocks

In the same spirit of functionality and purpose-focused training, high-intensity interval training has become the go-to strategy for healthy fat loss and muscle-building among professional athletes and fitness newbies alike.

These sessions can last as briefly as 15 minutes and up to half an hour, but every second is used wisely. They blend the best of both worlds: you manage to get your cardio in while simultaneously working on burning fat and improving your physique.

Wearables rule

Technology has infused every aspect of our lives, and the fitness realm is no different. We are doing our best to simplify our training and make the most of the time we put into our health and fitness. So, naturally, we wish to wear gear that enhances our performance, keeps us safe from injuries, and helps us track our progress.

That is why gadgets, such as smart watches, heart rate monitors, as well as clothing essentials such as women’s exercise tights and sports bras have become must-haves. These details boost our motivation, but even more importantly, wearing the right workout clothes gives us support, mobility, and breathability, while fitness trackers are pivotal in monitoring our success.

Mindfulness front and centre

Keeping up with the pace of our hectic lives often comes at a high price for our mental wellbeing, but modern fitness strategies are more holistic than ever. Designed to help us maintain our emotional balance and become more resilient to stress, fitness has become infused with meditation and yoga workouts that aim to solve this particular conundrum.

They help you get rid of built-up tension, both physical and emotional, and cope with everyday challenges more efficiently than before. If you still haven’t tried mindfulness meditation or doing your Sun Salutations in the morning, 2018 is the perfect year to give it a go.

Make it personal

Templated workouts and cookie cutter solutions to your fitness issues have become a thing of the past. We are now entering a new fitness era where everything is customizable, and although the basic principles of healthy living remain the same, fitness experts do their best to adapt every program to each person that needs guidance.

In 2018, personal trainers will become an even more popular solution, as direct supervision and ongoing guidance throughout your progress are finally becoming recognized as the optimal way to train. This is especially relevant for those who are new to the idea of working out, as professional guidance means preventing injuries and mastering the initial learning curve.

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