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Which health change should you make first? Part 6 of 6

Gameplan for success.

Use the list of questions below to help make sure you’ve chosen your first big goal correctly and you are ready to begin.

What is your “One Big Thing”

What is your first step?

What will success look like?

Who should you check with first?

Who do you know that has succeeded with this goal?

How did they do it?

Who should you inform of your plan?

Who will support you?

How should they support you?

What equipment will you need (include costs)?

Where will you source it from? Borrow if possible.

What knowledge and/or skills will you need?

How will you find them?

Which barriers may prevent you from reaching your goal?

How can you manage them before you begin?

What’s your best case scenario?

What’s your worst case scenario?

Well done and good luck. In the next series of articles we’ll look at the mental strength and willpower required to maintain long term change.

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