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"I'm getting stingy with my calories"

"I'm getting stingy with my calories." This brilliant quote came from a fairly new client of mine a few weeks ago and it knocked me for six. She went on to explain that now she was watching everything she ate she wanted to make sure that it was always delicious. She said she wasn't going to waste good calories on poor food.

I think this quote really demonstrates the brain shift required to make effective change in your life. At it's simplest, our wonderful woman is choosing to eat less but this requires a huge shake up in thinking. In the best, most atrocious psychobabble speak, let me "unpack" this sentence...

1. Fundamentally, she's reassessing every plate that goes past her nose.

2. In order to understand this effectively, she has educated herself about the nutrition value of each plate.

3. She's progressed this by enhancing her cooking skills to make sure she enjoys maximum flavour and satisfaction from every meal.

How many of us can truly say we take so much care and attention with our daily sustenance? How many more would benefit from the experience and knowledge she has acquired?

As usual, once you hear something new one time you seem to hear it again within the week and here was another iteration of the same thought, this time attributed in several forms to Albert Einstein,

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

or to put it another way,

"The thinking it took to get us into this mess is not the same thinking that is going to get us out of it."

These quotes really sum up how we arrived at "I'm getting stingy with my calories". Yes, our client wants to lose some weight for better health and she has had to shift to a different level of consciousness, a different way of thinking, to achieve this. Here's a perverse slant on the same idea, courtesy of the Daily Mash:

"Healthy eating and sport have been condemned as a scam after it was revealed that they only lead to more healthy eating and more sport.

“I thought it’d be like A-levels where once you’ve passed you never think about history ever again, but it’s more like revising history five nights a week for the rest of your life...

“[My trainer]... says after a while I won’t even want a Toblerone any more. That made me cry.”

Here is the idea that moving to a new thought process is somehow a trick or an unfortunate side effect of doing something differently but if we can't change our mind when we receive new information, how do we grow? I'm not taking anyone's Toblerone away, I promise, but somewhere for everyone there's a different line of thought, one they didn't know about before, which leads to the lifestyle they imagine for themselves. I'm glad I was there when this client found hers (and proud that she used my free Find Your Why program to help).

Everybody's journey to better health is different and you're going to have "level up" to find yours. You need new ways of thinking, new information and new skills to make change. And when you can sum it up with a simple quote that everyone understands, you'll know you've achieved it, too.

This amazing woman can now make a low cal version of anything (even cheesecake - I kid you not). You can follow her foodie journey through instagram @thistimeitsforme_lou.

Enjoy Good Health!

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