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The Three F's of Fitness

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of a reset date. This is a date where you accept that the holiday living is done and it's time to get back to sensible eating and exercise.

Well, today is my reset date* and I'm excited to experience the change that comes from doing the right stuff. Over the past few weeks I've had late nights, cocktails, crazy mealtimes and way too many puddings. I was starting to feel bloated, I miss feeling energised, I'm sure my skin looks more like cracked dough than italian porcelain and all I want to eat is kale and melon. Partying like a first year student at fresher's week is fun but these are sure signs that I'm ready for a rest.

If you're feeling the same, or maybe if you just want to make some healthy plans, I want you to split your reset goals into 3 distinct categories. We'll call them the three F's of Fitness: Fat loss, Function, and Feeling.

1. Fat loss. This is the first step to resetting because it gives you the incentive to continue. It's usually visible, it's easy to measure and when done correctly it will give you more energy, regulate your digestive system, clear your skin and dull food cravings. Fat loss happens in the kitchen by following a healthy eating plan. If you're still not sure what that means grab a shopping helper and meal planner card from me or book in for a fitness analysis.

2. Function. Take some time to give yourself a body check. Where are your niggles? Think the stiff knee or creaky neck. Tackle the dodgy bits before you start crazy exercising like a training montage from a 1980's commando film. You might need some outside help with this one. A good Personal Trainer can help and will also know when to refer to medical professionals. Exercising on an injury just creates more problems in the long run as it will definitely prevent your fitness progression and may cause you further pain.

3. Feeling. The feeling of being in control of your body, the feeling you get when you complete a workout you couldn't do before, of taking on new challenges, of increased energy, of clearing your mind through quality exercise, of having a welcoming bunch of mates to exercise with, the feeling of joy through movement, of fresh air as you walk, run or bike. The feeling of rediscovering your old clothes wardrobe, or reducing your golf handicap or keeping up with busy friends when out walking. Anticipate the feeling you'll get from resetting your fitness goals and look forward now to those moments of joy and happiness. Picture how it will feel and you'll find it easier to stick to your plan.

The more often you can enjoy a fit and active body, the more often you'll detest feeling sluggish and be prepared to make the changes that bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle. If you've never stepped away from the jelly babies or beer you'll never know how different your body can feel. (If you're over 40,for different read young and clean!)

Reset today and tell me your plans on facebook. I'd love to know.

Enjoy Good Health!

*I wrote this article on 7th August so by the time you read it my skin should be more porcelain than pastry.

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