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...and the livin' is eeeeeeeeeasyyyyyyyy...."

The holidays are on their way and my inbox is being filled with last minute toning requests on how to get the perfect bikini body. While the real answer is


I understand that many people would rather do some moves and who am I to get in the way of a desire to exercise?

So here's a basic but very effective 6 move program to tighten up the wobbly bits and build your body confidence before you head off to sunnier climes.

It's not going to help if you're already tucking into the sangria so stick to salads while you're at it.

Please promise yourself that when you get back from holiday you'll address the long term good health goals that will keep you happier year round with your bod. There's still Pilates classes available over the summer and they'll be on a pay as you go basis so tune into the calendar to find out what time suits you. Have fun getting bikini ready.

Enjoy Good Health!

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