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Now with Dynamic Tension

Last week I told you a little about the importance of rest and how it's often not what we think it is. I made a strong case for "Active Rest", such as gentle walking or light gardening as opposed to settling into sofa slug position and binge watching Netflix.

This week we're looking at Dynamic Stretching and by downloading this program right now you can start today. Stretching helps prevent injury and ensures your body is evenly balanced so you can get fitter faster.

Dynamic Stretching was developed to enable sportspeople to perform competitively by ensuring their pre-game stretches prepared their bodies for the specific moves required.


It has since been adopted by many Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors as an effective way to combine mobility and stretching moves prior to exercise. I teach many dynamic moves with group and private clients of all ages, however it's also been proven to be a safe method of improving flexibility in older adults. Dynamic Stretching is even recommended for frail elderly people and is listed as a go to form of movement on


Please feel free to print out this program and try some Dynamic Stretching today. All the instructions are included but if you'd like to know more before you begin why not come along for a 1:1 session? We can check your posture and general flexibility and then make sure you're performing the correct stretches for your needs. A 1:1 costs £40 and takes an hour. You can make an appointment by calling me on 07914 700988 or emailing me at

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