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Build It Up!

This is a follow on from the Shake it up message 3 weeks ago. I told you how to start really building up your exercises with Metabolic Training. I gave you a starting program with lots of tips to encourage you to try it out. If you didn't get a chance, have a read of the article again on my blog and download the exercises here.

Today we'll look at simple ways to push it even further. Now, this is not for the faint of heart and you must trust yourself and/or your doctor's opinion how far you take these exercises. You should manage all the moves with strong technique, paying particular attention to joint alignment. If you're not confident of your technique and alignment you must get advice and support. Obviously you can call me and there are a bunch of great fitness instructors in the area who can also help so don't guess. Get in touch and if I don't have a class, time or price point to suit you I'll put you in touch with someone who does.

Here's how to progress your exercises from the exercise sheet I gave you 3 weeks ago.

1. Choose the exercises which you can complete with good technique and run through the whole program 3 times consecutively.

2. Try a harder option of exercise. Start with the harder option and modify when you feel you can no longer maintain good technique.

3. Try to make the movements slightly bigger and deeper.

4. Ensure you give yourself 2-3 days of rest from this kind of intensive exercise between sessions. You can still do your other normal exercises in between.

5. Work to your point of Local Muscle Fatigue.

6. Remember to stretch afterwards!

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