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Women in Business

Here's an interesting fact: 52% of the businesses in Tayside are owned and run by women.

I was lucky enough to meet a room full of these ladies today to show them how they can keep their fitness levels up even while they work. We spent half an hour mobilising and toning from our chairs while I introduced my new Workplace Wellness programmes. You can read more about them here.

One of the subjects we touched briefly on was the productivity increase brought about by stepping away from work. Taking time to let information filter can bring speedy resolution to problems, even if they seem muddling at the time.

Our best work is done when we achieve a good flow, that is a strong sense of concentration, purpose and ability in our task. There comes a point when the flow will naturally diminish, usually when we need to rest our minds. By balancing work flow and physical movement we can use our minds and bodies to achieve more in our working day while feeling fitter and better refreshed.

Few people will focus for more than an hour at a time and most people take 10-15 to recharge their brains. This means that taking regular breaks to speak to colleagues, catch some fresh air or stretch your body will bring you greater productivity in your day. What's your work flow ratio? Think of times when you know you're "on it" and step back as soon as tasks appear harder to achieve than usual. Once you know your work flow ratio you can really focus on your set job list and truly recharge in between.

Keep a little journal this week to find your work flow and then use it to plan tough tasks. Let me know how you get on through facebook or email.

Enjoy Good Health!

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