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Kinetic Pilates (whaaaaat?)

I’ve been getting my geek on with some fun training lately (cue groaning sound from class members who’ve been here before and know it only leads to harder work). Ever since I completed the specialised lower back pain exercise course I’ve been fascinated with Kinetic or myofascial chains and their effect on movement. My classes have since opened with lots more dynamic stretching and participants have been encouraged to create larger movements under supervision.

When Gill from Drummond Education told me about their Kinetic Pilates training I was intrigued. Here’s a way to bring my favourite larger movements into the Pilates method. This course has been developed as a response to the many “Pilates mix” offerings around at the moment. It seems people want to mix Pilates with Boxing, Yoga, Ballet and Aerobics and the Clever Peeps at Drummond Education have found their way to bring bigger moves and wider variety to the traditional Pilates matwork sequences.

It’s fair to note here that this course is only available to fully qualified and insured Pilates instructors. Unlike many “Pilates mix” classes where almost any old gym instructor can attend a day out and start charging people, Kinetic Pilates starts and ends with full Pilates method. This means you can expect the breath, centring, concentration, control, precision and flow you already know and love. It’s also the toughest Pilates floorwork I have ever done. Kinetic Pilates instructors demonstrate full teaching knowledge of the entire range of exercises and the skill to teach smooth flow through several major moves consecutively. Oh boy, did I have fun!

If you're reading this on the normal Tuesday newsletter then I'll be off to demonstrate the new moves this lunchtime at Balans. The Pilates Instructors there will be my first ever class but it'll be coming to you all soon. Only a few of my Pilates members will be able to complete the most demanding sequences and it’s these brave and pioneering people that I’m calling on now. I’ll be running a 4 session block of Kinetic Pilates workshops in October. It’ll be on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm in Coupar Angus and will only be open to those with the most secure technique. Yes, technique and knowledge is more important than physical strength. If you’re unsure then ask me whether you think it’ll be suitable for you.

You can come in addition to your usual class or instead of it if you prefer. (I’ll ensure your normal class place is held open for you.) I’ll be modifying and filtering aspects of Kinetic Pilates into all the classes after this workshop but don’t wait for it. If you want to be in the vanguard, achieve a grace and elegance you never thought possible and push yourself beyond your imagination then be one of the Kinetic Pilates Pioneers.

Remember, you come to class because of what Pilates does for your body but you don’t know what you don’t know. Kinetic Pilates will show you how far your fitness finesse can go. Try it, sign up today.

Enjoy Good Health!

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