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Why are portion sizes so confusing?

Did you know that most portion sizes are based on the size and weight of the average woman? Not much good if you're 6'6" rugby player! Fortunately, I have a handy way of making sure you can easily gauge your portion size, regardless of your height or weight. All the info is below but if you'd rather save it to your device, here's the link.

This guide is based using your own hand as a measuring tool. After all, your hand is in proportion with the rest of you - right?! The easiest method of weight management is cooking from scratch and if your cooking skills are in need of a brush off then soup and stew season is the perfect time of year to start. You really can't get it wrong.

Maintaining a healthy weight helps you feel more confident, reduces the risk of many cancers and improves your heart health.

For more help achieving your weight management goals you can book in for a goal setting appointment over Zoom. We'll discuss ways you've succeeded or failed in the past, the areas in your life where it's hardest to manage, what drives you to make poor decisions about food and together we'll develop a plan just for you, at your pace and with your tastes in mind.

Enjoy Good Health!


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