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Did Lockdown slow us down? Hell No! Here's a summation of my year:


  • I've delivered 500+ Pilates and aerobics classes and around 200 Zoom or live client 1-2-1's

  • I've designed, filmed, edited and released 15 hours of Pilates videos

I've designed and delivered the following courses:

  • A month-long January lifestyle change course*

  • A Zoom teaching course on lifestyle change for the Care and Wellbeing CIC

  • A month-long Osteoarthritis of the Knee course

  • A month-long Better Balance course

  • A month-long Weight Management course

*This course was so successful that I'm offering it again this year - CLICK HERE to find out more

Informing Others:

  • Arranged to have my book on lifestyle change proof-read (although I'm still a long way off getting it published)

  • Released 5 articles for Perthshire Magazine

  • And, of course, I've written 52 newsletters just like this!

Additional learning:

  • Exercise and Osteoporosis

  • Exercise and Menopause

  • Exercise and Post Covid Syndrome

  • Exercise and Fatigue

  • Change Management

  • Functional Training

  • Relaxation

  • Stress, Sleep and Weight Gain

It's impossible to predict next year but one thing's for sure; if this is what can be done in 2021 then BRING ON 2022!


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