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A little info about me

We may never view ourselves as others see us.

You may be thinking about employing a Personal Trainer or joining a class at this time of year so I thought I'd do my best to accurately describe myself just in case you fancy working with me. It's an honest and not always flattering account but at least you know what to expect. Okay, here goes...

  • I'm middle-aged

  • I'm average height

  • I'm average weight

  • My voice is fairly inoffensive

  • I'm a back pain sufferer so sometimes I'll teach you stuff I just can't do myself

  • As well as my fitness qualifications, I also hold teaching and neuro-linguistic programming qualifications

  • I teach Pilates methods rather than Pilates routines - I'll get into the detail

  • Having said that, I teach People rather than Pilates... I'll get personal.

  • I don't try to be perfect

  • I don't make a fuss of the exercises

  • I don't try to show off what I can do, I'm more interested in what you can do.

  • I'm not a professional videographer or editor. If the cat appears on frame when I'm filming, I ain't reshooting!

  • I waffle and go off on tangents on film and in person

  • I do my best to demonstrate moves I'm unable to do myself

  • When I get things wrong, I laugh and carry on. Often.

  • I'm happy to get things wrong if it helps other people get them right

I offer one to one Personal Training, In Person Pilates classes, Online Pilates classes and On Demand Pilates Videos. CLICK HERE to find out more about me or hit reply and introduce yourself.


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