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Get Ready! Don't let your life get in the way of your health

This week's task is to do some research. The easiest way to take regular exercise is to make it convenient and here's a few tricks I use with clients to help them build their fitness into their normal week. I'm going to use walking as an example but this could be gym visits, running, biking or any activity which helps keep them focused on their health.

If I want a client to walk more I ask them about their weekly routine. We take time to think through the details like:

Where do they work?

What's their commute?

How early to they leave in the morning or return at night?

How long is their lunch break?

When do they need to be back home?

What constraints are on their time?

What hobbies are they interested in?

Are there evening or weekend groups and activities that family members attend?

What's the family weekend routine?

Do the family sleep in?

Are there extra childcare duties if the client is a grandparent?

We study the weekly regime and look for possible gaps to slot in some extra walking. Can it happen when a family member is at a weekly club? On the way home from work? In the lunch break? Early morning before the rest of the family is about? With the family as part of a picnic?

Then we study the maps relating to these timeslots and mark down areas to explore. This allows us to set challenges in the form of regularity, distance or intensity and finish with a celebration walk somewhere scenic and hard to reach. One client refers to these as "Signature Walks" in the same way that a chef would prepare a "Signature Meal". I love the pride that's evident in a "Signature Walk". It's taken time and effort to achieve and deserves to be appreciated.

Don't expect a change in health to just fall into your life. Take a moment to examine your current routines and find the gaps where you can build in a little more fitness time.

Enjoy Good Health!

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