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Trellooooo! How to become an organisational genius.

This post was supposed to be all about the importance of "chunking down" your goals. I was going to allude to the progressive difficulty of video games and how they're designed to provide regular rewards to keep you interested and playing. I was going to compare this to the breaking down of large projects such as moving home or organising events, drawing fascinating parallels into the planning of tasks and goals but it occured to me...

...every time I have a job that's too big for little ole me I just say "Trelloooo" and employ the services of my free organisational genie.

Trello is an online organiser that helps you break down large tasks into manageable chunks. You can invite other people to help, thereby outsourcing components and splitting the workload. You can make checklists and store important links in it and, best of all, you can choose a pretty background to make it seem friendly and do-able. As some of you know, when I'm not keep-fitting I run holiday apartments and recently used it to manage a major refurb without having to be present thanks to my team's love of its simple and effective format. Our family even planned Christmas last year on Trello, using it as a simultaneous organiser, calendar and Santa wish list!

So how do we use Trello to help us achieve our goals?


You can brainstorm, writing down all the things you want to achieve.

You can set reminders and timescales, write healthy grocery lists and store useful recipes.

You can save links to healthy articles you want to read.

You can write affirmations and take note of any quotes that have inspired you.

You can get into the detail about how you're going to address your goals by setting small targets.

You can invite supportive people to view your health board (that's the name of each Trello "page") and keep you on track.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Get onto Trello today and tell us how you're using it to improve your health on the Making Change Stick Facebook page.

Enjoy Good Health!

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