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Ignorance Vs Stupidity

To make a long term change, you must understand what to expect. I met a self confessed "theoretical exerciser" recently. She could perfectly describe a tremendous variety of moves but admitted she had little idea of whether she was completing them correctly. This wonderfully intelligent woman could never be described a stupid, rather her issue is nothing more than ignorance of correct technique. No matter how many books she reads or dvds she watches, she's unsure of how to translate it into action. This is completely normal and just what a Personal Trainer expects when meeting a new client.

So how do we break through the ignorance barrier? How do we learn to learn better? Research is key here, finding out trustworthy articles to better inform us. Asking people who have already achieved our goals is another winner. Reflecting on past experiences helps to avoid falling into the same pitfalls. Requesting opinions from a variety of sources is a great pointer as whilst one negative response may bolster your determination to with cabbage diet at all costs, several similar responses will make you think twice...

In short, start to talk about what you want to achieve and spark up conversations. You'll be surprised who can help and delighted at the desire of others to advise you in your quest. Ask us at the Making Change Stick Facebook group. We'd love to help!

Enjoy Good Health!

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