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Bring a Friend for Free!

Ah,December! The month where everyone wants to shop 'til they drop, party hard and fit the most into each day. It's not surprising that routine dissipates like farts in a gale. That's right, as my regular clients have increased commitments their dedication to Pilates is forced to take a hit.

Luckily for you, many of them are extremely well organised and they tell me in advance when they're going to be away. This means we'll have a few one off spaces in the Pilates classes during December so as an early Crimble pressie, why not bring a friend along with you? There'll be no extra charge (although I suggest they spring for coffee afterwards) and they'll finally understand why you love your Pilates class so much. Availability is sporadic so email me to confirm in advance.

I'd also like to extend this offer to all Julie Baird's Pilates attendees. Julie has long been a stalwart of Pilates life in Blairgowrie, holding regular classes in St Catherine's hall for many years. Thanks to Julie and Sam Lister having introduced so many people to Pilates, many other instructors in the area have had the confidence to train, practise and gain experience, knowing that they could earn enough to justify the dedication it requires. Sam moved away just over a year ago and now Julie will be finishing up her classes at the end of December. We are particularly rich in Pilates learning in the Strathmore area and I strongly believe it's due to both these ladies. My thanks to you, Julie and Sam, and best wishes for your future endeavours. (That said, I'll be starting up a Thursday lunchtime class in Coupar Angus in January. If you're looking for a new instructor, why not take advantage of a freebie trial session in December to check me out?! Just email to sort out a time.)

Enjoy Good Health!

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