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Crisis, Survival, Comfort.

This week's message is very brief.

It's all a matter of perspective!

Imagine you're a smoker. When you want a cigarette, you feel uncomfortable. When you have the cigarette, for a moment you feel good. You're moving from survival to comfort.

Obviously, if you don't smoke you understand that the smoker is only temporarily feeling normal, they're experiencing the absence of withdrawal. They feel the relief of the nicotine replacement.

So actually they're moving from crisis to survival. To reach comfort, they'd have to stop smoking long enough that they no longer feel the withdrawal pangs.

For most of us, it's easier to move away from pain than towards comfort. Let's think of this another way.

Take the dieter who always has 7lbs to lose. They'll crash diet before the wedding/party or for a race they want to compete in and then it just slides back on. This person is moving from crisis to survival.

If they were to apply themselves for another 2 weeks, they would move towards comfort. If they could sustain that weight for another 2 months they could self regulate at the comfortable level.

Where are you on the Crisis, Survival, Comfort scale?

And where would you like to be?

Enjoy Good Health!

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