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Flexibility Vs Accountability

Have you heard the phrase, "If you want something done, ask a busy person"?

I'm usually that busy person and I'll usually get it done. I also know that most of my clients are the same. We lead busy and fulfilling lives and embrace every new bit of tech that simplifies our lives and lets us get more done. Take on demand TV shows, for example. When did you last tune into a live show - maybe 6 Nations if you're a rugby fan? Otherwise a show will have to fit into our lives, not the other way round.

This brings me to the great flexibility of fitness class availability. There are now subscription internet channels to loads of different exercise classes that you can complete whenever you want. You'd think I'd hate this since I run so many bricks and mortar classes myself but actually, I'm all for it. If your technique is sound and this allows you to hit your fitness goals then I'm a happy (duracell) bunny.

This is where your flexibility of class scheduling crosses your fitness goal accountabiity. This is what we discuss in Personal Training sessions. The one thing that will definitely stop you from getting something done is not starting it (wise, although not concise, words from my friend Paul Barclay).

That's the only downside to good quality subscription fitness services. They often get de-prioritised.

Never mind that by doing this you're effectively de-prioritising yourself or wasting money you've spent on a subscription. You're better than that. You wouldn't let a work deadline pass or leave the childminder holding the baby.

Just make the time or accept that you need a different exercise format. It's not failure, it's time management. If paying in advance is the only way you'll commit then do that. If a lunchtime class gets it done but leaves you hot all afternoon then do that. It'll get easier and people will learn to sit further away from you at meetings...

There are plenty of ways to manage your health and the information is all over the internet. Take advantage of the flexibility this tech gives us but remember, you're only accountable to yourself. Nobody else really cares as much or will benefit as much from your effort.

A newsletter wouldn't be complete without the obligatory "call to action" so if you want some tough love on this, get in touch. We can goalset and plan with a simple phonecall. Have a look at the website for information about remote training and planning services.

And most of all, Enjoy Good Health!

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