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Stretch like a Pro

This Saturday we'll be holding The Well Fayre at Bridge of Cally Hall. It's a chance for you to find out all the great ways to look after yourself. Have a look at the post from 2 weeks ago to find out more.

I'll be there showing people how to increase their fitness to benefit their hobbies. Specifically I'll be looking at golf, shooting and fishing. These are all pastimes which require good spine rotation, core strength and balance. If you'd like to know more, have a look at this easy to follow program which will back up the golf stretches. We'll cover a few more specific stretches for fishing and shooting on the day as well.

If golf is your big love, you might want to know more about the full golf fitness training program I've developed. It covers flexibility, functional fitness and strength. I'll help you increase your control, range of movement and stamina so you can practise more effectively and stay focused right to the last hole.

Each section takes 4 weekly sessions to complete and leaves your body in its best condition to tackle the course. It can be completed within the Small Group Personal Training class on Wednesdays in Blairgowrie at 11am or on a 1:1 basis in my studio in Coupar Angus. My working hours have extended to 6pm on Mon, Wed and Thursdays so email me here to get started and have your best year of golf yet.

I'd love to meet you. If you'd like to know more about how greater flexibility can help you then come along on the 29th or get in touch for a 1:1 Personal Training session.

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