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Move of the Month - Side Roll

Rotation Vs Stability with the Side Roll exercise

Pilates helps us stabilise our spine, strengthen our limbs, align our muscles and safely build controlled flexibility. The Side Roll is a great example of a move which ticks all of these boxes. If you've ever hurt your back when getting out of the car you'll understand the importance of building flexibility through these muscles. Our spinal rotator muscles are quite extensive though, so if you'd like a little more background reading check out these links as well as the video: Twist and bend 1 Twist and bend 2 This is a pretty simple 7 minute video which focuses on lower spine rotation and includes:

  • Single Leg Fall Out

  • Single Leg Turn Out

  • Side Roll, feet to floor

  • Side Roll, legs raised

I love how this video demonstrates the importance of stability alongside movement. It's not enough to be able to stretch - this video shows how to maintain safe joint alignment when isolating muscles to build your body awareness and confidence. I know that sounds complicated but once you try it out you'll realise how simple it is to move safely and effectively. Regular adherence to this video will help you better stabilise the muscles around your spine. If you liked that one, check out the video below to learn how to rotate the body from a seated position as well. Enjoy!


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