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Why are you always rushing?

When did you last have a guilt free moment to yourself? There's a chinese proverb which states, “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Now, I love to be busy and lazy days often having me drumming my fingers but I always make sure I cram plenty of 'me-time' into my week. 'Me-time' isn't all lying in a bubble bath (yawn) or finding the inner you. It's taking time to do the things you enjoy. 'Me-time' is anything you do that's not for profit, not for someone else, not because you have to and it literally couldn't be more important for us at the moment. There are some hints and tips below but if you'd rather save it to your device, here's the link. Here are some examples of my 'me-time': a morning run - well, I am a PT. playing online backgammon - I'm an addict. attempting to get the cat to love a papoose. (It's not going well.) Chronic stress affects our heart health and immune system. It can also cause chronic fatigue, muscular conditions such as migraine and back pain and breathing disorders. While we're unlikely to go straight to a chronic stress situation, it still makes sense to build relaxation into your day. If you struggle to carve out time for yourself, you'll probably find that you're not prioritising your physical and nutritional needs either. Coming to an online class or attending a Zoom session with me might just help you put yourself first. In a 1:1 session we'll discuss the areas in your life where you need more space and plan ways to make this happen without disrupting the status quo (too much). That way, you can look after others more effectively by looking after yourself first. Enjoy Good Health!


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