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Remote Training and upskilling FAST!

I've always offered remote training 'theoretically' until February 2020 when it became apparent that life was about to change.

Here are my thoughts on delivering classes and 1:1 sessions over Zoom.


* In classes I can see class members from completely new angles which I love. This makes up for only being able to see them from one angle.

* Prerecording the classes is a great way to let me focus on what my class members are doing rather than on demonstrating moves.

I still receive in time feedback because I keep my classes small (12 people max) so the cameraderie is still there.

* Class members can follow the program in between sessions at home and I'm seeing the improvement every week.

* In 1:1 sessions I can share my laptop screen which is awesome for discussing goals and seeing really quickly how this impacts on the client.

* The remote training makes us one step apart and this allows people to open up more quickly. I've found that rapport building with brand new clients is easier because they can look away more comfortably when talking; sharing their fears and the barriers to their success seems more natural.


*I miss the hullabaloo at the start of a class

*I'm a natural hands on teacher so I'm having to develop my vocabulary to better instruct from afar (I love learning so this one could go into the Pro's actually!)

*Effective fitness and posture testing follows slightly different protocol online which is an exciting challenge and has already taught me new methods of data gathering about clients (this one could also go into the Pro's!)

Ultimately, I think that even though learning about new technology is fun, bodies are bodies. I know bodies whether they're in the room or not. I know people up close or far away. The teaching/learning experience is the same and the thought of meeting so many new people and helping manage so many new bodies is truly inspiring. Bring it on!


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